Innovative activities

We have developed an exciting range of activities that are unique to Active Team Solutions: you will not find a programme like ours anywhere else in Africa. We take ideas from a vaste array of sources, mix these with our own ideas to come up with our special brand. Finally we tailor our activities to each location and group to produce something that is unique. Come try your hand at Beba Maji; find out whether you and your team can Escape from Askaban. Ask about Tubilation. Seek your fortune on a Treasure Hunt in the Kenyan bush, step outside you comfort zone with the River Challenge, or get creative with our alternative fashion show.


These are a powerful way to learn to new skills, gain new experiences, change attitudes. There is an art to putting together an effective workshop. Give us your requirements, or go with one or our off-the-shelp workshops to be inspired. Take our Happiness series to find out how we are continuously introducing misery into our lives, always with the best of intentions.  We are all leaders in some aspect of our lives, so why not attend our Leadership series to help focus our thoughts on what is important whilst building our skills in relating to others.

Interactive Games

Short, sharp and lively, we take your groups through a series of very interactive games to get you talking, laughing, and out of breath. A great way to break the ice and prepare you for action. Or make it a whole day of fun and games, mixed with good food, to help you relax away from the office and home. Race each other Around The World in 20 minutes;  scare yourselves with Werewolf; bring it all together with the Auction Room. We have a whole set of games for every group size.

Happiness series

We make ourselves miserable, with the promise of future happiness that never comes. We kick ourselves about our past, thinking this will make us change. We show ’empathy’ for those in distress, not realising that we are just adding to their weight. Learn why we do this, always with the best of intentions, but always having the opposite effect that we really want. And build into this a few shortcut techniques that will help us build happiness into our lives and those of others.

Leadership series

The typical training on leadership talks about developing a vision and a mission statement; yet somehow these end up being uninspiring and irrelevant to our lives. Our workshops aim to inspire! When you build a sense of purpose, guided by common values, then the workplace can become an opportunity to bring out more of ourselves, to learn how team spirit can thrive. Our working lives can become an expression of who we are, rather than just a way to make money.